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The Day Lady Died

Frank O'Hara

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Added by: Phil Hey
This may seem a very indirect poem, since it doesn't approach the core of its title until very late in the poem. However, it's at least as much about remembering -- how on important days we remember details very sharply even if they don't have anything to do with the cause of the remembering.
Added by: ez
anyone know what bastille day actually is?
Bastille Day
Added by: EM
Basille Day is July 14 a French Independence Day
Added by: Michael
Actually... the indirectness of the poem is the whole point and power of the poem...
Ohara starts out with hard facts and numbers and then transitions with a walk and just seemingly running through everyday images.
But the strength and greatness of the poem is that he avoids the subject until he sees the cover of the magazine with "her face on it"...
the avoidance of the subject of the poem until the end lets the poem have the unbelievable impact that the last line has "and everyone and I stopped breathing"
i really think that this is one of the most beautifully sad poems i've ever had the pleasure of reading

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