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The Stupid Jerk I'm Obsessed With

Maggie Estep

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Added by: Claire
Maggie, is this who I think it is?
Added by: Romeo
Dear Claire,

How's the honeymoon in Prague going? Is Jeff all he was cracked up to be? That is, is he the midget we had him pegged for all along? (Tiny but in proportion?) Or do you regret not marrying Kevin the troll now? You should take a showboat up the Elbe and see me. It's like a god damn Fellini film out here at nighttime with all the paddleboats going by in the night as we sit on the banks and burn the lagusta up that we had to trim out after the flood waters ran high and poisoned all my quince and walnuts with dioxins. I must say, though, the gasoline that got all over all the bushes that we are now burning makes for pretty blue-green flames! Vincent's done with rebuilding the paths and Dorothy wrote a poem about it. You'll recognize my house because it has a new wooden fence that's still unpainted -- it's easy to spot next to all the chain link ones that are matted with grasses. One of the urns FROM the Altesgericht cafe up the way floated down here INTO my garden. Maybe Jeff can take it back up to them, since he's such a muscular super dude. Dorothy brought your box over so you can take that back too. I'm just so relieved to hear you're not dead, just sold down the river like Hitty of Rachel Field fame.
Added by: Missy
You guys are weiiirdd.
Added by: miahspring
i first read this poem last year in the New York Poets Cafe book. which happens to b a must read! and wow i lovelovelove it!
My favorite Poem
Added by: April
I just wanted to say that I discovered this poem when I was in college. I borrowed a book from an instructor and there it was. I just happened to stumble across this page and reposted it on my blog!! I love it! Thanks for sharing your writing, Maggie!

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