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Maggie Estep

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Added by: Wotan
On second thought...NO, DON'T! It's giving you know who a personality disorder.
good stuff!!
Added by: derek del valle
just wanted to tell you that i dig your work. i got this girlfriend of mine that is locked up in nevada and i know she will love your work. keep it up,
Added by: Chris
People Are Weird... That was for the 2 comments above me. anyways People are way to uptight and need to learn that poetry is an emotional output and Maggie has a great style and her Rants are amazing because they shine such a harsh light on bitter subjects and give them a comical value to help us get over them. all I'm saying is that Maggie Estep is a brilliant writer and uses simple language to add humor to life and makes poetry fun to read. none of this is meant to offend anyone so just calm down and laugh a little bit

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