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Visitors' Comments about:

Emotional Idiot

Maggie Estep

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This poem
Added by: Martha Washington
I don't think that this poem translates well
to the page. I bet it sounds betters when read by the author. As it stands now,
I am not all that impressed with it because it does not have
musicality, tell me anything new, or show me a new
way of seeing something.

Added by: Marcy
I'm just NOT THIS CRAZY! And I'm a hell of a lot more talented! What is WRONG with you people??? Is it just a matter of not being raised RIGHT???
Added by: Claire
Why on earth would Mike Topp be in love with this person? That's what she'd like to know. Er, I mean, that is the question.
Added by: Dorothy
Sex goddesses must bend to the will of the man, not scream their heads off like deranged bitches! Just ask Rumi...
Added by: Wotan
You know what? It's not at all boring being in here alone with myselves and maggie estep and that is because we enjoy our own company. that guy over at Anne Sexton's poem is right about self-love, as of course, is Till, in "zwitter." I'm perfectly content now. Thank you for the thought.
Deny all you want
Added by: Tara
Yes it's an extreme. Some poems are. Regardless of whether you think it is extreme or too much, she's talented as hell and it's something that, maybe not as bipolar as this, you've probably felt. Give her some credit.
People... HA!
Added by: Jessica
Aww people are just jealous cause they can't come up with a poem like this. It might not even be true so drop it. But even if it is... So? Some poeple feel this way a lot in there life. Its life. WOW just because you might have it easy doesn't mean you won't go through something like this. So judgemental. GOD.
Added by: Jim
Maggie's the Best. This poem is amazing, I wish she'd release a 3rd CD of her works.
Added by: Jennifer
Maggie Estep is also a musician...these are also songs
Added by: Amanda
wow you've completely described my approach to relationships. I am so hot and cold. hilarious poem. : )

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