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Hey Baby

Maggie Estep

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hey baby
Added by: david brown
this song is awesome.
Maggie Estep rocks.
Breeding will out, my mum always said
Added by: paul mckenzie

I do agree that my comments were rather ungallant but it was not my intention to insult but rather to play on the poem's ability to shock.

I don't know the poet and this poem was the first of hers I had read when I posted my comment.

Being a barrow-boy from way back I must confess that the odd expletive tends not to do me any harm and, given that there are several thousand poems on this site that have hardly been read let alone commented on then its safe to say it hasn't done Estep any harm either.

My guess is that Estep is poking one at all the dross and pseudo-intellectual wank that we have thrust on us, presented as 'high-art' when in fact it's simply good old fashioned low brow filth.
Does this constitute an opinion, Martha?

I must go now - I can hear the poet police coming down the hallway!

No hard feelings!


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