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Bad Day At The Beauty Salon

Maggie Estep

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Added by: Dorothy
This one intrigues me. It seems like a story. Is that what they mean by prose poem? What's the difference? Maggie, you rock! I HATE beauty salons and I haven't stepped foot in one since the last time I went to Astor Barbers in the Preservation Valkyries building there on Astor and Broadway sometime during the late 20th century.
Added by: Freja
Yeah, apparently you get MORE beautiful and MORE sexy when you stop going and just let your hair get all long and straggly and grey. Don't even wash it much -- you'll be irresistable -- that's my advice!
Added by: Wotan
Remember girls... when someone accused you of being shallow? I guess they were right! But I must say, I am smitten with you all over again.

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