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Walking Across The Atlantic

Billy Collins

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Wednesday, 12/19/01, 11:10 AM
Added by: Polly
Dear Polly,

I spoke with Denise. She will meet us at the boat at 11:10 AM.

My favorite Billy Collin's poem today is the one that talks about your soul sitting on the roof in a nightdress. It's actually been my favorite all week.

George is going to Long Island on Sunday for a week. It should be strange, just me and the dog-- One of us old, mostly blind and missing him, the other not quite so old, mostly sighted and still missing him. I guess I've grown attached.

Still no Christmas present for George. I'm at a loss, but Pat & I are having our nails done on Sunday. Maybe I will find something at the Artful Hand.

See you Wednesday.



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