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Well, I Have Lost You

Edna St. Vincent Millay

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The perfect poem
Added by: kaatrien
This poem should resonate with anyone who has felt something regretfully come to an end.
Those incredible lines "kings in a tumbrel rarely
Went to their deaths as proud as this one went", Kings going to execution could not have had more pride than she.
If you know anything of Edna st Vincent's proud/aloof/detatched character [a king's] you can see how she attempted to meet this ending [for her a true internal death/loss] with some semblance of dignity and 'self preservation'.
Indeed she does somehow "in her own way" and by giving her "full consent"- she is trying to reduce the injury to her pride.
She survives her loss to say that "Day dried my eyes" and goes on to suggest that she might "outlive this" that after all "men do" here she is attempting to have the last word and is both wounded and defiant.
In the end of the poem this sense of self preservation she remarks will allow for no bitterness,it will leave only good things "to say of you".

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