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Patrick Kavanagh

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Added by: sheila
Patrick Kavanagh is telling us that this is the life and soul of what he is as a poet.Rural life in Monaghan was his world and he knew very little outside it.Monaghan gave him all this inspiration but we can see it stifles his developement both as a man and a poet.In his later canal poems we can see how he has developed.
Patrick Kavanagh 'Epic'
Added by: Mark Conroy
I think what Kavanagh is saying here is that what happens in his home is/can be as huge an event as something like the battles for Troy or World War II. These events are as catastrophic for the locals as other events are for other "locals". It is a question of relativity; that human themes are the same all over the world but because of the magnitude that we apply to some of them, they can seem larger than others.

If he manages to relate great events of history to his local context, I think it shows that he knows a lot about what is outside of his immediate surroundings.

Whatever about Monaghan stifling Kavanagh's development as a man (which I don't believe it does), it certianly those not stifle his development as a poet. I don't think the argument could be made that the so-called Canal Bank poems are any better than the so-called Monaghan ones.
Added by: gerald
I personally think this poet is significant in Kavanagh's life..He is sugessting that this row over the land is as big as Troy, sugessting that his home town Monaghan is his life in his scale.

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