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Carol Ann Duffy

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Added by: Peter Carter
Not only does this seem to make no sense at all, but single word sentences she appears to be using to sound 'clever', actually just make the poem rather tragic. How it got published I've no idea.
Added by: Victoria Fox
i think this poem is about paedophillia,
i know it's a hard subjuect but i believe it's what Duffy is writing about.
I like this poem because it tackles a very hard subject and still manages to be good, Duffy's use of colour and animals de-humanises the poem.
Added by: chrank
I think it's a masterful poem! The descriptions of animals sound like something out of a child's ABC book, but she twists them into something much darker.

To me, it's about abuse and how a dominant (male, probably) binds his prize. Mute and not telling. Freaking.
Added by: Lucy
Using words like 'ew' doesn't really work in conveying your point...
Added by: Kevin
The images are of a taxidermist at work and the single word comments people use to describe their reactions to his/her creations. It resolves in a distinct image of domination, yes but not necessarily of pedophilia.
Added by: Chris
The narrator's lust, which he consciously cultivates, has him objectifying the woman or girl completely. The sexual desire/experience is all about him and his wants and his thrills. It is not a pretty picture, the polar opposite of compassion, generosity, and equilibrium. The poem is a stark indictment of such unbridled, consciously-cultivated sexual lust. The horrific part is what is only implied: the experience of the narrator's victim.
Added by: Paula
"It resolves in a distinct image of domination, yes but not necessarily of pedophilia."

I agree with you when you say about domination but I also think that it does have an element of paedophilia to it.

The last line gives me this impression: "I like her not to tell", which seems to be a 'typical' line that abusers use. They don't like their victims to say anything therefore, I think the victim in this poem is a child- they would keep quiet as they wouldn't know any better.

An adult would hopefully know that what was happening was wrong and would say something.

Added by: Tracey, portsmouth
The short sentances she uses are quite effective i think. 'Wild' 'mad' just remind the reader of what the animal should be if still living, and 'mad' perhaps now that it is not? Im not sure about the last bit but i instantly thought child abuse too.

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