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Composed Upon Westminster Bridge

William Wordsworth

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Composed upon Westminster Bridge
Added by: Roxy
this poem is truely a new insight into the buildings and shape of London at the time. Wordsworth really turns the city into a romantic dreamland but luckily doesnt just focus on the monarchy, he looks at where the real people live and do things and h see's them as humans and not slaves to the system.
Added by: Jim Bob
This poem is, as all poets probably wish them to be, to be read at face value and appreciated for the beauty of the wording rather than the meaning that they wish to have discovered by people hundreds of years later. the important thing about this poem is Wordsworths "breathy" joyfulness at the beauty of nature in its interconnected state. Truly a poem which anyone can read without having the perversion of the mind analysing its every word for some hidden meaning which any poet does not probably want the poetry to have.
the poem, duh
Added by: 13, Ireland
i thought this poem was interesting, as it is the only poem written by wordsworth that has ne thing to do with the city. xxx

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