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Billy Collins

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A great poem
Added by: Mada
A wonderful addition FROM his latest book NINE HORSES.

The way Collins expresses how a true haiku should be experienced is amazing, and once again he brings the reader INTO his world, so it is not so much Collins saying the haiku throught the house, but you, or me.
Added by: Elsie
umm... sexy. The first serious story I ever wrote as an adult was about the clapper of a cow's bronze bell and the cow herself and a man. And it was a great embarrassment to my boyfreind! So, I threw it away, embarrassed. How come I was? Growing up in the Land of the Free and all, I mean? Now I think, if I was a man, I could have gotten that published and women would have swooned. Dumb men.
Classic Collins
Added by: Lytton Bell
I just can't even express how much I love the line "I am the tongue of the bell, ringing you..." I repeat it at the mirror -- and the window, and especially the bed.

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