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The Fury Of Cocks

Anne Sexton

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Added by: george
i am usually a huge fan of Anne Sexton's but this poem kind of went too far for me. i know she had mental issues and wasn't afraid to speak or write about controversial things but she was a little too straight forward in this one for me. sorry
Don't be sorry
Added by: Lisa G.
Perish the thought of poems ever being straightforward! Instead of trying to make a point, they should merely be pretty and decorative like women, who of course have no business saying anything, especially anything thought-provoking, about touchy subjects such as sex or male organs. Any woman who did such things would of course have to have some kind of severe mental problem.
You're all crazy.
Added by: Alyssa B.
I'm going to just apologize for the people who may be offended by my statement, but you're all frickin' crazy. Women are not only meant to be intricate, beautifully desinged beings, but in order to be such... to truly be an ornate design, you must have something to design that with. You know, thoughts, brains, feelings. It's better than being an empty shell for men. Anne Sexton, yeah, I'll admit, that was more straightforward than normal, but, hey, she's not too far off from what men really are. When that is all they want, women don't matter, and the only things that do are the actual physical aspects of it. She's showing that women shouldn't be demoralized into thoughtless nothings. They shouldn't be subjected to subordination by a man, or the man's representation, his 'cock'. It isn't like we all haven't heard way worse in everyday conversation anyways, word-wise. And, her writing is as flowery as the subject allows.
Added by: Lisa G.
I see nothing in this poem to suggest demoralization or mistreatment of women. I thought it was just describing the glory of the sex act and the strange feelings that follow. The use of the pronoun "they" rather than "he" suggests to me that both partners were consenting. That is possible, isn't it? That it wasn't just the man who wanted it?

BTW, I was being completely sarcastic earlier, in case that was somehow missed. I suppose I, perhaps unfairly, interpreted George's comment as implying that women should shy away from sensitive topics. This bugged me, as I was feeling particularly feministic (is that a word?) that day. But I am definitely pleased about more comments on this page, whether they call me or anyone else frickin' crazy or not.
Forget everything I said
Added by: Lisa G.
I guess this poem could be about the demoralization of women. I'm not saying it is; I'm saying it could be. The earlier commenter did bring up some valid points. Maybe the poem is just about men's boundless egos. Maybe I really have no idea what this poem is really about, but I do like it. I also have no idea why I have this need to continue commenting on it. Maybe I am frickin' crazy. That is possible as well.
Added by: lisa
I fail to see how her "mental issues" -as you call them become your excuse as to why this poem went to far for you. I wish you hadn't posted this so long ago. I might get some insight if this were a recent post.
The Fury of Cocks
Added by: Liza
Never have I witnessed such overthinking and puritanical offenses as the posters have demonstrated here--clearly, Ms. Sexton "got it right" this time when describing the physical relationship between a man and woman. As for this poem being demeaning to women--hardly. We should all be so lucky as to have the healthy give-and-take attitude Ms. Sexton has so poignantly described in this poem.
Added by: dania

that is the reality of sex...

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