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Billy Collins

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BC poems
Added by: K
I read this poem before i started working w/elderly who are suffering FROM Alzheimers. I read it again after I turned 50 and after i had worked around elderly people w/Alzheimers and it's (so far) gotten me up in the middle of the night to look something up - A good poem affects my life like that. Thanks BC.

Added by: Rebecca
I adore this poem. It is funny, keeps on making me laugh again and again, and it is so true, and it is heartwrenching and simple and clear and beautiful. I think that BC has captured something really special here. He is now my favorite poet and gaaaahhh, I can't even put it in words, I have wide open eyes and I've been reading it to all of my friend over the phone, and... it's just so amazing.
What is the L
Added by: Bill Walker
I am 73, Still very active in the business world. I observe myself as the stars wink out one by one. Billy's poem captures so well the fact and the feeling.

I didn't get the significance of the L. Is it the first letter in the name of something?
Added by: annie farnsworth
Hi Bill,
I had to look it up because I too had forgotten which "L" river he was referring to .. but my money's on the River Lethe from greek mythology a.k.a. the "river of forgetfulness," one of the five rivers in Hades.
he's a joker, that Collins!
Added by: Jean
I don't get it -- I didn't like the way the poem ended... it left me wanting more!

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