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Ted Hughes

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Added by: Rachel
Hey! I have studied this poem in english and would like to say that I thought it was written amazingly and helped people understand the relationship between Hughes and Sylvia Plath before her death.
Not the usual lovesong
Added by: Lisa G.
Can't stop making comments...it's like a weird disease...bear with me, people.

I think this poem is less about "love" than it is about a passion borne of anger. The man in the poem sees the woman's actions during intimacy as desperate attempts to trap him in a binding, monogamous relationship he doesn't want. Although he is physically enjoying himself, he in a way hates the woman for luring him so insidiously. To him her smiles are "spider bites" because he feels as if he lies paralyzed in her web.

The woman isn't too happy either because she resents the unwillingness of the man to be loyal to her. So even though the man and woman are attracted to each other, they also see each other as enemies, and the act of love-making is their main battleground. This makes for a terrible relationship, but a terrific poem.
Added by: cp
I think you hit it perfectly.
To cp
Added by: Lisa G.
Thank you. It's not often that I do. Ted Hughes' skill with language makes this poem easily understood if you read it enough, which I have done because I found it so fascinatingly original the first time I read it.
Added by: michelle
i like your interpretation but i think it may not be what is supposed to be conveyed.

it doesnt make sense if your basing this off sylvia and teds relationship.
it wasnt that he didnt want to be in a monogomous relationship with sylvia, its that he screwed up by cheating on her because she was so paranoid
and she and him were apart and he ended up getting his other woman pregnant.
so even though they were totally perfectly and awfully right and wrong for each other, it wasnt going to work out the way it was supposed to.
neither of them could have it that way,
but this poem seems to talk about their relationship
just not that he didnt want monogamy.
just that mistakes were made
and fate tore them apart.

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