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Lay Your Sleeping Head, My Love

W.H. Auden

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Added by: Rebecca Gordon
This poem is a representation of how Auden was able to grow in his own inabilities. Comparing to Auden's early attempts at loves poetry ('Stop All the Clocks' to name one) one can see that Auden was never able really to accept his own love. Pedestal love inherintly became part of his early poetry but here, at last, we have a poem that is beutifully about mutual, caring and initmate love. Looking forward from this poem and Auden's later 'American' poetry we can see that perhaps Auden bacame too comfortable!
Added by: Kaliane 'Albert' Bradley
I believe Auden originally wrote this to a school boy he was in love with, as a school teacher. This doesn't detract from the beauty of this poem; in fact it puts some parts of it into context.
Added by: mohammad gamal
It is love which made Auden feel that the elements of nature share him in his sadness upon his lover"sdeath.Really this poem is one of Auden"s masterpieces.
the poem
Added by: Cowboy
I was once so dumbfounded by a womans question on what is love nowadays. There is little room for passion in the modern condition and our post-modern notion of the world lends us to believing the world is going to hell. Where then is there room for love?

Auden takes this notion of lost innocence and tells us exactly what we needed to hear - there is little space for optimism; but, love leaves room for hope.
Added by: Richard
This is a beautiful poem. While it is not as painfully romantic as Yeats' earlier works when he was besotted by Maude Gonne, it is nonetheless a deeply moving and very human portrayal of Auden's own incapacity for heterosexual love.

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