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Candle Hat

Billy Collins

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BC poems
Added by: K
One good reason i enjoy reading BC's poems is that he usually inspires me to do some research INTO some time, some idea, some person's life, usually looking INTO museums or artist's life histories to find out more. Thank you BC. Alot of his poems lift me a couple feet off the ground these days-I've been following him/his poems for quite a while now.

Added by: Erinn
I agree. Billy Collins' poems almost always have a light and airy feeling - very uplifting. He also uses a lot of obscure references, which can spark interest. Much thanks to Collins.
famous candle hat
Added by: Kevin Funk
I loved this poem until I came to the word "famous" in the last line which for some reason ruined it for me . . . the ending seems a bit lazy.
Voting for Candle Hat
Added by: Jean Rice
This poem is wonderful!!! Webmaster, please note -- I wanted to express that opinion, but the voting procedure on the website is confusing, i.e., I voted "okay" because I thought you were asking if I wanted to vote - I certainly did not mean to give the poem a mediocre rating.
Re: The comment of Kevin Funk
Added by: J.
Actually, it is not just the last line that is lazy. Laziness is characteristic of Billy Collins' entire corpus, which is why it is incredibly boring--his preoccupation with accessibility has resulted in horrifyingly dull reams of cut-up prose that smack of cutesy gimmickry.
Billy Collins
Added by: Mark Eckert
I think Kevin F. is in a bit of a funk. I would advise him to acquire a candle hat of his own and prance around the room, all ablaze. Maybe then he can lighten up a bit and appreciate what Charles Bukowski once asserted about poetry- that genius may be the ability to say something profound in a simple and entertaining way.
re Candle Hat
Added by: William Rush
A poem like this that can get you hunting for a print of the original painting must be a good one. However I agree with Kevin F. that the last line is a bit flat and that 'famous' should go or be replaced.
Added by: J
I think famous should be changed somone says, no no no says somone else, the f should be removed so it sounds like amus. No it should be removed exclaims another.
and we could use an 11 syllable synonym for famous


Theres nothing wrong with the word famous it doesn't have cuties, its not going to bite you, and if you meet it in the back ally its certainly not going to mug you and make off with your wallet.

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