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Love Poem

John Frederick Nims

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Nim's Love Poem
Added by: Diana Bishop
Wonderful poem. It never fails to make me cry -- such an expression of accepting love. I always read it aloud to my students, knowing how it will move me, so that they SEE that poetry is about profound and deeply felt emotion.
Added by: Luke
I love it - he loves her because of the faults, not in spite of them. Truly Nims knows what he's talking about as this is about as far from a cliched love poem as can be.
Added by: Susan
This is, absolutely, my favorite poem. So simple in reading and so complex in style. This poem is what I consider perfect. The last two lines make you stop and sigh and, more than anything, to be loved like that.
Added by: Samuel Biagetti
This poem always stands out in my mind as remarkable, since it is the only great love poem I know that is about the person who is loved rather than about the feeling of loving. I think it is actually very rare, and very difficult to write a poem of this kind, and I remember Nims' name for it.
Added by: Grace
Love is truly unbreakable.
Added by: Lindsay
It sounds as if he wrote me the poem. What an odd love. Its exactly that kind of odd love I'd like to find.
Added by: Jared Allaway
Why I can't I find a good free analysis of the poem on the internet? I'm not trying to cheat but what I'm I supposed to list as references in my bibliography? I have to pay money to get help trying to interpret this enigmatic complex poem?
spelling question
Added by: Elizabeth Thompson
I love this poem -- being a klutz, I wish someone had written it for me.
But OK, did Nims really write "apoplePtic" (not really a word) or correctly spelled "apoplectic" street cars? Anyone out there know? Thx, Beth
Added by: Amanda Patterson
I don't nessesarly thing its that flattering to the lover, sure he loves her for all of his faults...but not once he mentions any of his own faults that are maybe mutally agreed that they may both have, he just comes off as a big old MR WONDERFUL!
Added by: William
This poem re-lives the quote "So true a fool is love that in your will, Though you do any thing, he thinks no ill." Written by the great Shakespeare.

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