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Another Reason Why I Don't Keep A Gun In The House

Billy Collins

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Added by: Taryn
If you like this poem you should read "Dharma" by Billy Collins
Added by: @ (Doug Brian)
And "Dharma" (which should be up soon, if not already) is essentially the same as Dorothy Parker's "Verse for a Certain Dog"! Since Billy Collins is probably too old to be a reincarnation of Parker, we must assume that it is doggishness that keeps reincarnating.
Added by: leandra preston
how did i go so long without realizing billy collins?? he's only the poet laureate. thanks to christine at maganda.org, i have been blessed. this poem is fucking brilliant, in no better words, as is much of his other poetry i have just begun to peruse...thanks for such a concise web approach to his work.

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