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The Crazy Woman

Gwendolyn Brooks

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"The Crazy Woman"
Added by: serina
May means happy and Gwendolyn is saying she won't sing a happy song until it's an unhappy time. November is the beginning of winter and winter means death of all living things (ie trees, flowers *all foliage*) She's saying although november means winter means death, she will sing for those who have died and the new lives it provides after winter.
Added by: Lizz
May is a happy month, and I think that Brooks don't want to sing any songs of happiness until she is unhappy. She will sing these happy songs when she's down to bring her spirits up
Added by: seonora
a very nice and touching poem.
Added by: Amber
I think that Gwendolyn wants to wait to sing a happy song for when she is sad so when she sings the song she will be happy again.
Added by: Melissa
The speaker seems to be expressing a desire to sing in an unconventional time and way. The poem addresses the responses from society as rejecting the untraditional action. People are supposed to sing sweetly in May and not terribly in November. However, the speaker does not experess any dissatisfacion from the responses of others. Perhaps it is better to sing your way than to sing because everyone else is.
Added by: Brandon H.B
I Think she is sad and mad
Added by: Sharee
I think that the character in the poem is simply unique. She says that she wants to sing, but not the same tune as everyone else. Therefore she sings the way she wants to sing and everyone conforming to the patterns of this world look @ her as if she's a crazy woman. But she's not and I comend her for that. Great Peom!
the crazy woman
Added by: anne marie
i think this poem is about gwendolyn brooks stating that she doesn't care what people think of her. even though people might think she's crazy, she's still going to do whatever she wants to do without feeling like she has to fit in and go along with the crowd.

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