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A Daily Joy To Be Alive

Jimmy Santiago Baca

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Added by: Adam Kajtar
I think he had a hard time growing up and I respect that he is able to write about it, he has a great sense of humor, and that is why I chose his to do my English Final on, here at Jackson-Milton. I understand where he is coming from when he says his school system failed him, I also think my school failed me.
a daily joy to be alive-jimmy santiago baca
Added by: virma
I read the poem, I had to comment; the writer captures that essence of uncertainty, the question who am I? why am I here? Do children, career, ground me. How do I find joy? The joylessness of life is described in detail. He finds joy in the very struggle to be human, he paints an emotion, with words. I like him. His vivid description of depression gripped me. Is he depressed? I don't think so. Maybe?
Jimmy Santiago Baca
Added by: Mark Manning
The legand is now on MySpace

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