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I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud

William Wordsworth

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Definition of poetry
Added by: Paddy
Let it be said that this poem is a perfect example of Wordsworth's definition of poetry as evinced in the Preface to Lyrical Ballands. It is: spontaneous overflow of emotion recollected in tranquility.

So.... the the experiences of a natural setting cannot be incorporated into a poem because they are too new and raw and fresh. One of my professors described it as "human viscera throbbing on the page."
The proper manner of writing poetry is to come back to it after it has been reflected on and fleshed out. Then it will be more powerful than spontaneity.
Added by: wanderingcloud
This is my favorite poem ever, i have it written as a border around my room.
The Bestest Poem Ever!!
Added by: Smiley
This poem is saying that no matter how bad anything in life gets, there will be something to cheer you up. There is always hope. Think of something beautiful and you can convert any mood into a cheerful one. Just smile and everything will be alright! :) (:
Added by: sleepy4
The personifications in this poem serve the purpose of helping people connect to these inanimate pieces of nature. People can more easily become the cloud floating over the beautiful scenery of nature, and the field of daffodils are more welcomining.

I have a question as to how danse ties into this piece.
Added by: fun, fun, fun!
Wordsworth's poem; "I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud" is a brilliant poem. This poem is seroius but doesn't have too much depth, so it is easy to read and understand the meaning behind it. It is based on an experience of Wordsworth, and he wrote this poem to describe what he saw and how he felt. Basically the poet was wandering along, not thinking much, and he came across the daffodils. The sight filled him with happiness and whenever it comes into his mind it brings him joy.
Observing Nature
Added by: Coach Price
I think that there is a misconception that this poem is about a cloud, or even someone who is pretending to view nature from a birds eye view. The speaker of the poem is simply taking a walk and compares his state of being to a wandering cloud. In other words he was meandering around enjoying nature. Just as clouds drift by slowly without a specific purpose they just drift. So as this "drifter" was walking around he notices the Daffidyls. He admits he gazes and gazes, indicating that he was fascinated with them (probably the way the moved, or "danced" in the wind). Even though he gazes at them he doesn't realize how rich the experience is. That is until he is at home in a thoughtful or "pensive" mood and as he closes his eyes he sees the image of the flowers which provides him with a tranquil feeling.

The poem concerns the power and peace that nature has to offer to those that take time to observe and eventually at a later time contemplate a seemingly uneventful experience.

What do you think?
some thing important about the poem
Added by: Abdullah Khalil
This poem shows the process through which a poem is created. 19th.C poets are the first poets who, through their poems, provide the creative process through which a poem is created. Wordsworth's definition of poetry, in Lyrical Ballads' preface, is: ''the spontaneous overflow of feelings and emotions recollected in tranquility.'' The last stanza of this poem proves that. Wordsworth, through this stanza, wants to tell us that only in a quiet atmosphere, when he is alone, and through his imagination (inward eye) he can remember an experience happened to him in the past and consequently that remembered thing can be the source of happiness for him. And this is the theme of this poem.

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