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Sylvia Plath

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She's pregnant...
Added by: Hilary
I love this poem :)
Added by: A Fan

This poem is perfectly formed, exactly like a child. 9 lines, each of nine syllables. Wonderful.

Added by: Michele
I read this poem in high school and have loved it ever since
Added by: Will
God these poems are terrible, they don't even rhyme, much less mach sense, they are awful
Added by: robert1124
i am writing a critical essay on this poem to gain my standard grades in scotland and it is one of the most clever poems i have ever read.all revolving around the nine months of pregnancy . nine lines each of nine syllables. for any one who needs to do a critical essay on a poem choose this one as it is very easy to do but you get great results
Added by: Ash
I liked this poem, but I thought it could have been better if she hadn't made it so ridiculous. She could have had a more serious tone. I still enjoyed it, VERY clever
Added by: Bow
The poem is about the subversion of women, what is expected of them by society, and how women fight against it. She describes herself in various ways, mostly through sarcastic and self demeaning ways. Very good poem. We are doing this poem in university, and I have enjoyed it. Also look at Adrienne Rich's "Aunt Jennifer's Tiger" if you enjoy this one. Ciao.
The shape
Added by: Matthew
Does anyone else think the shape of the poem is meant to resemble the profile of a pregnant woman?
Added by: matt peterson
she is soo full of being pregnant that she wants it to pop out right now...

Added by: Lauren
We kind of talked about this in our English class. I felt that she was ticked off that she is pregnant because first of all, she did not wish to get pregnant herself, but her husband wished to have children. Also, she might have been ticked off because it's all about the baby and not her anymore, or she could have felt that way at least. And I got this negative effect from the mentioning of the apples, because if you eat green apples, a lot of them, you'll have diarrhea... So we were thinking that maybe this represents her horrible experience to her first pregnancy... and all these fruits are round images, like her belly. Apples, melon, fat purse (full w/ her baby). The money images show that she's "rich" with her baby inside of her.

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