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Scrambled Eggs And Whiskey

Hayden Carruth

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Are you a sucker?
Added by: pilgrim
This ain't a bad poem but for the whiskey and eggs. It seems that he is holding this down and dirty street cred juxtaposition as the defining image of the poem. I am a sucker for those cliches but it seems to me this poem could do without the first five lines.
The way it was
Added by: paul
Strikes me as being an eloquent expression of a time and place. Fear not the cliche, for it communicates much - first five lines let the rest speak for themselves (humble opinion)

Added by: Simon
it seems to me that the initial lines of the poem represent life in its simplicity and without rules, not making a spectacle of things.

if it werent for the reference to chicago being a more humble place than we see, then surely it would take effect from the later references to being humble musicians wanting no recognition, which i can relate to entirely. sometimes.
Added by: reads
How odd to log on in order edit a now-famous poem. The first five lines. . . they're there. They've been there awhile. Is there something in Robert Frost or John Donne that needs to go too?

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