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Ted Hughes

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Added by: Linnea
you know, ted really gets up my goat.
this poem features his most common theme; animals. ted felt that all poetry should be wild, and that humans have lost touch with thier instinct. we have egos, we have logical thoughts, while animals rely on instinct. he believed that remnants still existed, ONLY IN MALES, and should be nourished. he felt that civilization robs men of thier animal vitality, and that is what this poem is about.
personally, i think he is overrated as all hell and for someone who believed in poetry being bold and fearless, he was actually quite drab.
Added by: Brian C
I sympathise with Linnea but feel the comments are a little unfair and rely on extraneous knowledge rather than the poem itself. The thrushes aren't admired for their instinctive behaviour, this is simply presented as both potentially creative and self-destructive. Thet are contrasted with 'a man', but his self-worshipping activities are mocked by the selection and alliteration. Hughes may be suggesting that men's valuing action allows them to ignore the darker side of things. It's true that women are absent from this early poem, but they soon make their presence felt in Hughes' work.

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