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Alone With Everybody

Charles Bukowski

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Added by: brenda chmelik
the first poem of Bukowski i've read.
All day long thinking about it, meaning feeling it.
Nobody will ever know me,or anybody
And i know i can't change it, so i keep on living
Added by: Scott McConnell
That is very good to hear. These poems are not meant to be read, but felt. In your bones, beneath your soul, in that part of you that your afraid to admit too. That is the beauty of his words, they scare you and you love it.
Added by: buluodi2002
amazing harsh. the poem is like a dagger shining in a dark, cold night. anyway, it's just so true.
Added by: Lisa G.
This is one of the most pessimistic poems I have ever read. What it says to me is that life is hopeless and that there isn't anything good about it at all. Why live, then?
Added by: anne
its not depressing...its unbelievably real...living is that search, even if it doesn't fill.
Added by: Lisa G.
I changed my mind. I am a pessimist at heart and have found myself liking this poem lately. Although not brilliant, it does create a vivid picture of despair.
Added by: Linnea
i hate the way people seem to think that poetry needs to be vague and hard to understand. this poem is the opposite of that, the words make sense, the meaning is seemingly straight-forward. but the more you think about it, the more you can sense the layers of meaning. two very enthusiastic thumbs up from me.
Added by: jen
...im reading this in my sr. english class...and theres so much truth to his words. I can feel it...and probably the rest of the day. Someone next to me said the poem states that life is hopeless, nothingness, dispair. we dont tend to find 'the one' and we just go from person to person. that is true. bukowski spats out his knowlege and i love that about him.
Added by: Misty Dyan
Bukowski was not writing these thoughts to be picked apart and analyzed by sr, English students. He wouldnt have cared what you all think about how brilliant he was... he just wrote what he saw and didnt care what it sounded like. Brilliant? no... drunk with a pen? yes I think he would agree to that a little more.

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