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Sabbaths 2001

Wendell Berry

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wendell's poetry
Added by: sunny barnhart
I have loved Wendell's words since way back when I first read them in Mother Earth News magazine. I have country of marraiage and a Continuous harmony. I write poetry wish as well as he does.
thanks, sunny
Added by: Neill Dumont
Following my feelings, I read to stanza VI and cried for his so nearly expressing the inexpressible.

And I eventually went on...

His words take me to places I love or need to go.
Added by: Edward Gallup
This small note: I, too, was moved to copy sections IV and VI for their exquisite rendering of something so beautiful and basically indescribable. I had done this before reading the comments--it surprised me and then it didn't. Thank you Mr. Berry for bringing at least the three of us together in this unique cyber-interaction.

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