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Bean Soup, Or A Legume Miscellany

Philip Paradis

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crime alert!
Added by: jeremy
this poem is full of plagiarism

did the anonymous submitter not know this, is it some sort of uninspired joke about the name of this website, or does the submitter merely lack any sort of respect for the authors of the poems FROM which this poem steals material?
Added by: Gypsey
This is a very funny and sweet poem, reminding me of a young bean eater I once loved. The true test of that joy, can you stand to hear and smell the farts and find love remains unchanged after eating beans.
this (my poem)
Added by: phil paradis
thanks, Gypsey. Obviously Jeremy doesn't know the difference between intentional allusions and echoes and plagiarism--

Get thee back to thy schoolmaster and books, ye who
need to learn your lessons before you will make yourself a fool.

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