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We Real Cool

Gwendolyn Brooks

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Literary devices used in this poem
Added by: Drew Hood
In this poem Brooks is saying that young people should stay in school and stay away from self-destructive behaviors. In line 3 he uses alliteration with the l sound. This sound conveys a sense of laziness, which relates back to the theme of dropping out of school. Consonance is used in lines 5 and 6 with the repetition of the n sound. This relates to a feeling of immorality. The feeling of immorality produced by this sound relates back to the self-destructive behaviors mentioned in the theme.
Brief Analysis and Summary
Added by: Marly
This poem describes the lifestyle of young rebels. They are "cool," having "left school," and enjoy themselves being bad. Although this gang is busy living life, they also realize that they "die soon."
Added by: Brianne Lyndsey
In this poem Gwendolyn is describe likfe as a hoodlum. She consistantly uses her life in her poems this goes back to Bronzeville where she grew up. The style is consistant for her she often used a rythm and urban black grammar
Added by: Alison
You guys must be so bored..and you actually think you're adding enlightening, ground-breaking comments. Ha.
Added by: Lisa
This is a great Poem i cant stand hpw good it is
the poem exspanes me very well
i hope to grow up to be like the LOL
lol mean laugh out loud anyway bi

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