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Visitors' Comments about:

Suicide In The Trenches

Siegfried Sassoon

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Added by: Taran
the suicide in the trenches is such a sad poem it brings tears to my eyes
Added by: lilmiss
this poem brings a different element to the problems and suffering of war(suicide) the immence suffering and stress of war drove soldiers, particularly the young to exstremes, not able to take the pressures and horrors of war. Its a very deep and sad poem, bringing to light the mental sufferings of young soldiers.
Added by: Menso
After reading poems such as these, one cannot understand why people still wage wars. It's a masterpiece.
Added by: Trigboyer
This poem is a very intelligent one becuase it describes Sassoon's view on the war and the people who are involved in the war.
Added by: Tommy ramone
As i read this poem, it made me think how inhumane the world that we are a part of is. That such horrible and indecent acts could be commited by humanss to have a young boy take such drastic measurs is beyond me...rock on sasoon
Added by: Tim
this is one of my favorite poems it is just superb in every way and a true influence to young poets such as myself, a masterpiece deserving of much more recognition than it seems to get
Added by: Mukhtar
The poem "suicide in the trenches" is a really emotional poem by Sassoon. It is about those innocent soldiers who couldnt handle the horrors of war and committed suicide.
Suicide in the trenches
Added by: Dheemal
this is a masterpice derived in heaven from sassoon. He has dug really deep inside of himself to come out with a poem which brings sadness to our eyes

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