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The Passionate Shepherd To His Love

Christopher Marlowe

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Added by: marianne
This poem is beautiful, I feel that it is rather about loneliness and longing. Also, I believe that in it, Marlowe speaks of his own world--the one created within his mind, formed of his vision and imagination. He seems to be inviting the reader to join him here, in this golden paradise so far away from the bleakness of the real world. I feel that Raleigh's poem (in answer to his own) "The Nymph's Reply to the Shepherd", although in itself makes a point on how all things are fleeting and temporal, it doesn't really get Marlowe's point. Sure, "Nymphs grow old and shepherds grow cold, yet, this paradise is forever unchanged even after hundreds of years.

Does anyone notice that the gender of the person whom Marlowe is speaking to is never mentioned? I find this interesting as this is a common feature in numerous early poems which have a homoerotic vein. (Marlowe MIGHT have been homosexual.)
So does anyone else here think the same?

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