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Two Tramps In Mud Time

Robert Frost

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Well there you have it!
Added by: paul mckenzie
Goes to show how subjective this poetry lark is, doesn't it?
Added by: Robert Conover
Line 15 should be:

That day, giving a loose TO my soul,

(_The Poetry of Robert Frost_, E.C. Latham, ed., 1969, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc.)
Added by: Marie
This has been a favorite poem of mine since the first time I read it. I have always been a person unsure of death and it helps me feel like there are others out there too, just like me who wish to never die and end up in the graveyard. It's a nice vision of "men hate to die, and have stopped dying now forever". It seems that if we could get the stones to believe that...life could be eternal. I think about this when I go to graveyards no longer being expanded. What if people were to stop dying?
further study
Added by: shadows
This poem was featured in Madeleine L'Engle's novel "The Arm Of The Starfish." The last paragraph is used as a password in the novel. The book notes "A simple sort of little poem it starts out to be, with the poet out chopping wood and two tramps coming along and resenting it because he's doing for fun what they figure they ought to be paid for. Then comes the last stanza, whammo, a lower cut right to the solar plexus."
Two Tramps in Mud Times
Added by: Bill Braun
I thought how rarely one is able to unite his vocation with his advocation. In my experience, most of us get trapped into what the culture tells us are the necessities of life and end up in Thoreau's "quiet desperation".

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