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Two Look At Two

Robert Frost

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Added by: Helen
I love this poem :) It's similar to Wordsworth's style in some ways -blank verse, the interaction with nature. "This is all" has both regret and contentment - "This is all we're going to see today - what a shame" - but by the end of the poem it could be seen as "This is all there is to life."
Added by: anonymous
I love this poem. I love Robert Frost. I love you.
two look at two
Added by: Danielle
When i first read this poem last year i didn't appreciate its complexity, there are so many ways of looking at it, that is one of the great things i love about RF you can interpret his poems and yet there is a clear reading in mind. its super.

I wish we didn't have to tear them apart as part of our study though, it does rather take away from the magic of it all.
Added by: jo
note how RF symbolises balance in the lines of the poem. Often commas split the poem in two, like a scale...adding symmetry to mirror the symmetrical title and whole idea of the poem.

This poem is about the acceptance of man by nature, that is what makes it so special, as in other RF poems the difference between man and nature is large and noted.

However, also note that RF has again outlined the difference in genders. Just as in Home Burial, A Servant to Servants, and others, the female [doe] is emotional and less intelligent (ie, watery eyes) and the male [buck] is utilitarian, questioning and more intelligent. He, in this case is presented in a much more prestigious manner (ie, lusty).

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