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Christina Rossetti

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Added by: sam beech
i haven't actually read this poem but i'm sure it's old and bad
Added by: Ellie
I actually really like this.
I had to read it twice to fully appreciate it but I feel it is one of her better pieces.
Added by: Gael
Why even make a comment about a poem you've not read?
It's beautiful, like one of those little thoughts we have, but never express.
Added by: Alasdair Lightbody
I found this poem after recieving news of a death in our family, i wanted to send a poem to my grandma to help her through. THis pom is exactly what i had hoped to find, rather than dwell on the lost it suggests a smile, i found it truely wonderful. Thank you Christina.
moving poem
Added by: jacy
Christina Rossetti's first poem I have read is her SONG.After turning back that page, I found this moving poem.I read and my tears fell down, for my depressed mood was so familar with this her in this poem. She likes my close friend to see all my thinking and feeling. Thanks her!
poem's original title
Added by: ginger hollenbeck
I have a poetry book published in 1936 in which the title to "Remember" is actually "Remember me when I am gone away". Rosetti's poetry is actually titled using the first line in her poems. It is assumed that this was done as the original copy that was published was actually untitled.
Reminds me of Shakespeare
Added by: Katerina Canyon
This poem actually reminds me of Shakespeare's Sonnet LXXI. Same theme and same form.
Added by: Vickie Brown
I love this poem, it's so emotional and moving. It's brilliant
More than Words
Added by: Joyce Kennedy
This poem got me through the death of my very close friend who died as a result of the Vietnam War, I put a small copy in his pocket as I kissed his cheek and said my goodbye with
tear stained eyes.
it's so great...!!
Added by: puple_006
the poem must be read maybe 3 times for you to really feel what the poem is trying to say....
two thumbs up for this 1.....

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