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Trout Fishing in America

Richard Brautigan

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trout fishing
Added by: alicia
what is the analogy for trout fishing in america?... i was kind of confused about the whole point ... and how everything ties together. Thank you
Added by: mr. jim
did anyone do their outline for troutfishing in america?
Added by: James Laws
Thank you for putting TFIA on the web. Trout fishing in America
Shorty would be proud!
Added by: Don Strong
TFIA Shorty is sunning himself on the beach at Bolinas. Has been for years. Must be someone else in Seattle. Could it be Ralph Nader?

Added by: DWP
This book was so cool when I was sixteen years old. Too bad somebody stole my copy when I was too busy acting hip to pay attention.
Added by: dispatx
what works well with brautigan isn't just that he is able to write with incredible frankness about things that he takes for granted, but more that those things being taken for granted are in fact very slightly fantastical. whether cool or not, and outside of america he's hardly well known enough to be cool, this is good stuff!
So the Wind Didn't Blow It All Away, yet
Added by: NotVeryNearLaunceston
I loved this book, future warts and all. Never understood it, often think acceptance overtrumps understanding.

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