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It Is Not Growing Like A Tree

Ben Jonson

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major error with this poem
Added by: Jeneva
What is printed here is simply one stanza of a twelve stanza poem by Jonson, entitled, "To the Immortall Memorie, and Friendship of That Noble Paire, Sir Lucius Cary, and Sir H. Morison". It is one of the greatest poems in the English language, but has been underappreciated. You need to read it in its original spelling as there are several critical puns that you will not get if you read a version in which the spelling has been modernized. If I have time some day, I will type the ENTIRE poem into this web site. Shame on you, whoever edits this--what you have here is not the actual poem.
Added by: Missy
Has this poem been revisited or looked at again? I would like to see the whole version as he mentioned, please.

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