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Visitors' Comments about:

The Rose Family

Robert Frost

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Added by: Becca
I like the way this poem rhymns. It gives it a sort of different feeling. When I first read this poem it made me think of being very happy.It made me think of outside and how pretty a rose was. It made me think that I was pretty as a rose also just at the last line in the poem suggests. It makes one believe that everything is a rose, they all smell like it or taste like it or even look like it. This is a great poem and I have nothing at all against it.
Added by: Blanca Rose
When I read this poem I taugth of a rose as something beautiful and unike in it's own way. When he talks about how an apple or a pear could be a rose. I think it means that eveyone is beautiful in it's own difrent way so everyone is a rose so eveyone is beautiful.

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