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The Lockless Door

Robert Frost

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Added by: hanshady
i've been trying to analyse the poem as someone close to me had to analyse it for assignment purposes.
i've found a webpage which talks about how the lockless door came about. the URL is http://www.weirs.com/w_times/2000archive/09/07/lakehist.htm
Frost came up with the idea from his experience at a settlement in Ossipee Mountain. He had been staying at a Mr. Harry Horne's house when one night, as he was alone in the house where the door has no lock, a knock came. it went on for a while, frost was a bit surprised so he went out of the window. sensing no one came in, he went back in and said come in. then he ran. that night he spent the night at the nearby woods. the next morning, he went back to the house to find a drunk on his bed.
naturally, the poem has a deeper meaning than that what really happened.
the way i see it, as in the first stanza, frost had been in the house-the cage,maybe-for sometime. perhaps he was lonely and had been waiting for someone or something as company. who could have knock but a person, but then in many ways, the poem seem to be telling me that it is about a person who has been isolated for so long that he feared what is outside-the reaity of life, so he tends to stay in his house, the cage where everything is under his control. when the knock came, it could be his innerself trying to wake him up. he went out the window-his choice. he chose to use the window instead of the door. he went out on his own terms so to speak.
there are many more of course but i'm not good at making myself clear as you can see above.
i like the poem and i know there is more to it and i can get some of the meaning according to my own experience. what do you think?

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