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Take This Waltz

Leonard Cohen

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Added by: Marcy
I can't read this without crying. It's like Truman Copote's "A Christmas Memory" for me in that way. Is it not just the most exquisite thing ever written?
Added by: Dave
This is the song that led me to Lorca

and then to the world of poetry that

I thought only existed in rhymes and

meters, absolutely the most brilliant

act of plagiarism ever.
Not plagiarism
Added by: Chris Coward
As Cohen never attempted to claim the work as original and credited Lorca how can it be described as plagiarism?

Added by: Dodo
Yes... it's NOT. And I will just add that I really like knowing what Cohen's inspiration was -- if he hadn't acknowledged Lorca, for instance, I may never have found him. Not that you always "know" exactly what your inspiration is -- you may just have a lost snippet floating in your brain or you may even come up with the same image as someone before and not know it, but if you DO know, I think it only enhances your own work to point that out. Maybe I'm stupid.
Added by: Dave
I didn't mean to call it plagiarism. He was indeed inspired by Lorca, and it is
the most fruitful works inspired by another that I know of. It is almost as good on the page as it is in song.

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