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Affair With Various Endings

Kate Northrop

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Kate Northrop - "Affair With Various Endings"
Added by: Asia
This is a story about an affair between a man and his mistress over the years. This is in the woman's POV.

Various endings of this affair, I think, has to do with the three mentioned here. One is the fact that he lies and the woman is bitter against that. Two is the same thing, the secrecy and her great love for him. And the third is the final end, his death.

With the third reason they part, she looks at the lonely future she has to face. As a mistress, she never had the chance/choice of HAVING a family of her own, with him or another FROM what I can see. Also with his death, she thinks about how the two of them had started out with this relationship. I'm guessing that within two years of the man's marriage, he had already established a relationship with her?

As for the style, I like alot. The words flowed INTO each other with easy transition. As for a FULL analysis of this, I don't think I even got to the heart of it but I hope I [crosses fingers] that I have at least hit some points.


p.s. If I missed it completely, make a comment or email me.

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