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Robert Frost

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Revelation revealed
Added by: Andy Martin
What's it about?

Certainly the obtuse and slippery agnostics and atheists among us whom covet understanding, but, give us nothing to understand.

Theirs is a religion with no doctrine, a creed with no ritual, a practice with no liturgy, and a vision with no pictures.

They then ask believers to accept this void and set it by the side of the greatest body of intellectual discourse, the deepest well of spiritual agreement, and man's common philosophical pedigree--the Judeo-Christian faith.

This is what makes Revelation so powerful and positively funny.

Andy Martin, Nashville, TN
Added by: Jim Baker
you think revalations is funny well you have no idea. there is more depth to frost than you could ever catch. and if you think this poem is simply about christian vs. aethiest you'd be way off course.

god bless
Simple analysis
Added by: Wendy
Most of us have at least two different personalities or attitudes. One we put on "for show" around "pals" that is usually happy go lucky or whatever image we choose to project.
The other one is the REAL us..with all our hopes, fears and ambitions - the things that we fear that others could hurt us.

It is only with our TRUE friends or relations, those who have proven themselves to be far above the "normal" crowd, that we can let the mask drop and feel secure that we will be accepted for who and what we really are.
Added by: Brandon
I don't know what Andy is talking about up there... this poem is obviously about the masks we wear among others, behind which we hide ourselves. He's talking about how even among friends we can sometimes hide our real selves away, our deepest feelings, desires, and fears, that sometimes, our friends just can't help us if we aren't willing to expose ourselves and meet them halfway.
Added by: cat
first sorry for spelling mistakes

i'm doing a research project
and i love this poem

i'm writing on escape i think he talking about run in away from god or whatever trying to stop what going to happen

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