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Visitors' Comments about:

Provide, Provide

Robert Frost

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Added by: Recombinant Wombat
This poem gives me a large tumescence.
Added by: Dani
This poem is weird and I will nerver read it again!!
Added by: christopher
this poems is very dramatic in lating down the rules of life.
Robert Frost
Added by: Jackie
In "Provide, Provide" does Robert Frost diplay a fear of lonliness?
Added by: Bahamilliam Schumacher the Fifth
This poem is not about Robert Frost's fear of loneliness, it is his satirical retaliation against the common stereotype of the world today to defeat the unplausible, yet popular views of the young society.

I find this poem to be work of genious and wonder.
Added by: David Kalodner
I believe line 14 is correctly:
"Others on being simply true."
Not "Others on simply being true."
Added by: margaret
i agree with [bahamillian?]

this poem is satirical...
frost is not telling us to literally buy friendship or the entire stock exchange...

he's warning us that society is cruelly waverying in its affections so we can't hold our happiness by the world's standards.

i think a christian message can also be seen in this poem... he makes a Biblical reference to Abishag, the beautiful woman who worked for King David in his old age. perhaps his satiricism towards earthly things means that we should provide, provide! for a place in heaven? note many Biblical-type words, atone, throne... also there are 7 stanzas- God's number... and each stanza is comprised of 3 neatly rhyming lines- the Trinity?
provide, provide by robert frost
Added by: shaz
in my opinion, the poem is about how beauy is skin deep.. u may be pretty on the outside but that necessarily wont give u a fullfilling and happy life. looks wont give u everything, a good personality nd head on your shoulders will and that you will have until your dying day.

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