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Dirge Without Music

Edna St. Vincent Millay

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Dirge without Music
Added by: Lynette
My baby died last week. This poem is the closest I've found to expressing my grief and rage.
Added by: Kristen
This poem perfectly expresses a freshly lost love that was very beautiful, my heart is heavy but I will trod on. as Edna says. I am not resigned....thank you
Added by: Sandra Mann
I first read this poem and high school and thought it was beautiful and romantic. Not until my husband died, did I understand it's true meaning. It has been 27 years since he died, and I still do not approve, and I will never be resigned..
Dirge without Music
Added by: Frank
It helps me make peace with it all.
Added by: Riley
the poem is lovely but i dont understand the last stanza down, down, dow, that one!! can you help me understand the whole poem its complicated but good!

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