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Apostrophe To Man

Edna St. Vincent Millay

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Added by: Donna
I happened upon this poem today -- ha, more like it stood up and slapped me in the face! lol. I suppose Milay wrote this poem around the time of World War II. The poem surely speaks for 2003 too.
Apostrophe to man
Added by: Ram Dass
We are doomed forever to repeat history because we dod not read it. Our leaders count on this. This race will not die with a bang or a whimper - it will rather deny its life until it is no more.
War and Millay
Added by: Jim Keller
Millay's voice is as relevant today as it was in the 40's when she wrote this.

But Millay was one member of the artistic community who understood that one can hate war all its consequences -- and its indictment of us as a species, who can come up with no means of real conflict resolution in its stead -- but still recognize the necessity of standing up to certain evils. Thus unlike much of NY's poetry community, she supported the war against Hitler in word and deed, as much as she recoiled from the acts it entailed.
Apostrophe to Man
Added by: Carissa
This poem was written in 1934, about 6 years before the US officially entered into WWII. Edna St. Vincent Millay was also an advocate for early entry into the war.
It seems obvious to me that she is disgusted by war, but she must also have seen the neccesity of being involved in it as she was an advocate for it.

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