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Out, Out

Robert Frost

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the hand that feeds
Added by: amy
i feel this poem is a comment on hands that sustain labor that sustains life... we toil and work, and even when a loved one dies, we return to our work, hardly ever looking up at the sunset and mountain ranges of vermont...any thoughts?
About this poem "out,out"
Added by: Marie C.
after reading this poem, i think that we as society are developping at point where death isn't important as compared to work. after the kid got his hand cut off and died, the others then went back to work as if nothing is important than work. we hardly take time looking at the beauty of nature.
Added by: garibaldi
guess it was written in 1906. Still great today...an american tragedy in slow-mo--fast-forward from line 28 to 32--and then no one cares.
One should also read 'episode of hands' by Hart Crane (written in 1920, I guess) to see a less tragic but just as beautiful (forgive me the silly adjectives)story.
Response to Frost's Out, Out
Added by: jade
This piece implies that human nature is to work and toil when the boy is begging to keep his hand, his livelyhood in a sense, and later when the witnesses of his death return to their affairs.

Response to Frost's Out, OUt
Added by: Jane
Over time, children seem to grow up to fast and INTO work to fast. The boy acts like an adult but his childhood is still there when he begs for his hand. The other workers returned to wok like nothing happens. Work prevails over emotion.
child labor
Added by: Trinity Koski
Written during a time of social change, Frost's Out, Out! underlines the dramatic tragedies often associated with child labor. A child so young should never have been given a saw to begin with, but economic necessity often propelled parents to allow, or even force, their children to work.
Added by: Mary Burkholder
Quite often, Frost writes of the human beauty and condition. Other works such as "The Housekeeper" show a trend in his works. Seeing as how this is based on a true story, I find it even more morbid to read. Talk about obtrusive!
out out and its meaning
Added by: danielle
I had to write an essay on this poem. I found that while reading these messages you have made no comment about the contrast between the poetic register and the germanic thatfrost mixes in this poem and its significance.

The poetic element of this poem relates to the title, which is a part quote from Machbeth ' oput out brief candle... which suggests the breivity and tragicness of life, but also 'the dark of ether' and others in the poem. This compared with the prosaic language and tone of the poem overpowers it - shown in the way it has been largely ignored here. This is his point, frost i mean, that the poety and significance of death is lost upon the world.

very clever (if you understood what i was just saying let me know i think i lost my train of though somewhere in there)
"Out Out" -Robert Frost
Added by: Matt
Does anyone know if Robert Frost's "Out Out" is an allusion to Shakespeare's Macbeth play? I remember hearing it in a soliloquy. Anyone? Thanks for everything!
Added by: Jo
the boy in the poem is 'trying his hand' at a man's job. This is incorporating a coloquial saying which Frost often uses, eg, 'good fences make good neighbours' (Mending Wall)...but the boy ends up losing his hand...and his life. Not only is this poem about death and how it can be dismissed...but also about holding onto childhood and how this boy suffered by not doing so. Dang ironic like.

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