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Elegy Written In A Country Churchyard

Thomas Gray

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Added by: dr.miller
too complex for our minds
Added by: samantha marqui
i think that this poem was beatiful i read it and wrote a three page paper on it for my english class but at the same time i do think it also to complex for our minds to fully grasp the true meaning of this wonderful poem
Added by: Noor Paul
i think that this poem which i am expected to write a term paper of, is too complex. in addition it is a representitive poem of the transitional age which is characterized of the poetical inversion, the ditortion of the word order and the blind immitation of nature from its sad aspects.
Added by: Nelson Long
why is this poem too complex? Gray was no supergenius, as none of his other work spells ubercomplexity (see "Ode on the Death of a Favorite Cat"). So why is this too complex? Is it because no one has ever offered an explanation for people to grasp onto? Probably. It truly seems like one of those works which intellectuals love to ooh and ahh at, claiming to comprehend, though I've never heard one word as to why this poem is so great. It's good, but it doesn't deserve the acclaim it's received. It appears to be simple memento mori if youd only study the history behind the work.

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