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Nothing Gold Can Stay

Robert Frost

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hello respond fast!
Added by: Faisal Artani
i need to know what is the similie,
alliteration, assonance, consonance, metaphor, hyperbole, onomatopoeia, and personification. i need it as soon as possible. its a school project and its due on monday feb, 4 2002. thank you
i need the answer by sundy feb 3 2002
Added by: Jacqueline
I think of this poem as being like a child being born. How they're innocent and naive, yet over time get calloused, bruised and become hard in the ways of the world. How they are perfect adn untouched yet how time and cruelty of others ruins them
Understanding the peom "Nothing Gold Can Stay"
Added by: Rachel
This peom by Robert Frost is very important to S.E. Hinton's noval THE OUTSIDERS. Frost is saying that nothing can stay gold forever. The teenage boys in THE OUTSIDERS are an example of this. Although as very young children, their lives may be very happy and golden, they have grown up in a world full of hatred, prejudice, and violence. But Hinton believes that these boys still have a chance to make some gold in this terrible environment. Ponyboy is the main character who accomplishes this. Throughout the book Ponyboy gradually becomes more mature by giving up categorizing people in such black and white ways, gaining a more grown up understanding of his brother Darry, and learning to accept reality rather then running away from it. In this way, Ponyboy creates gold in his world.
Added by: Jenn
this is not only about how nothing can stay innocent forever, but also about how the "newness" of things never lasts, i.e. the "gold" color of buds/dawn/Eden, etc.
Added by: Someone on earth
I think that NOTHING GOLD CAN STAY is a very good poem. It is very wisely used in the novel THE OUTSIDERS.
Added by: Steve
I think that this poem runs parrellel to "The Nymph's Reply to the Shepherd" by Walter Raleigh in that everything of this earth passes away, and that it is not worth putting your life, love, or trust in its hands.
Added by: Jessica
Robert Frost not only captures the idea of nature not staying beautiful forever, but applies the poem to life's many trials as well. Frost teaches us so much through his simplistic poetry. The amount of depth that he puts INTO eight lines would take most poets 100 pages. Frost is truly a poetic genius.
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Added by: Jessica
i really like it it is allways geting to me, i tell all my friends and thay all get happy
Added by: mae
to me, this poem means that nothing good lasts forever. for example, ur best friend is not gonna be there for u all throughout ur life...or ur boyfriend or girlfriend isnt going to stay with u forever...eventually something is gonna go wrong, or someday theyre gonna have to leave..
the part where it says " and eden sank to grief ", it shows that even in the Garden of Eden, where everything was sinless and perfect, something happened and everything wasnt sinless or perfect anymore...something goes wrong, someone leaves, something gets lost...anything good doesnt last forever...
Added by: Ericka
I think this poem is great- but yet it is wrong. Alot of golden things fade- yes thats true. But my grandparents love for eachother and their kids has remained the same for over 50 years. Also, Gods love for his people has remained the same since he created adam.

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