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All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace

Richard Brautigan

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like a mantra
Added by: John Bishop
The image of a cybernetic ecology makes me feel good. It suggest a positive relationship between humans and their inventions in a way that we don't experience the way the post-industrial age has played out. Sometimes I find myself wandering through high tech environments with the line "all watched over by machines of loving grace" in my head like a mantra-- not because it is but because it could be.

When the poem was written, the characterization of computers as flowers with spinning blossoms, could be understood by anyone, because we all knew that computers used multple person-sized reel to reel tape drives on which the reels spun chaotically. You don't see that on computers today.

It's like the imagery of the blues, riding the blind, Johnson bar, phrases that were clear to the singers, and historical footnotes now.
Added by: lisa maria
Ah, Richard, I wish you could have been there with me. The bitchy women were coming out of the woodwork, right next to all the cowardly men. You and I could have found each other and had a real correspondance full of honesty and pure feelings.
Added by: Chana Banana
This is the dream of every network admin. Unfortunately, it's often more like the computers are lions sleeping in the grass, waiting to jump up and devour you.

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