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The Forgotten Dialect Of The Heart

Jack Gilbert

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Added by: Frederick Hecht
From a meditation on language, Gilbert goes to ancient cultures and, eventually, to the beauty of the Bible, not quoting it, but capturing the cadences and evoking the imagery of the Song of Songs, the Song of Solomon.
Language etc.
Added by: Perry Sams-Papalas
What a wonder this poet is. I find it hard to separate his solitary life from his work, though I found out about his'
reclusiveness only by implication; Where were the
five or six books that could be expected from a mature poet?
And yet this poem belies his
other poems, lush and full
against the spare frames of the others. Praise be the poet today
who is not a careerist because that's what talented poets were
"supposed to do" since the MFA system spread.
Oops, off my soapbox. Regarding this poem I like it's
shifts and textures of sound and
ripeness, you might say--the culture disappearing because of the forgotton words of endearment--sadness--- sounds so true it might be made up or might be a found
metaphor for other cultures.
---thru a glass darkly----


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