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Home Burial

Robert Frost

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the true meaning
Added by: Renee
This poem is not just about the loss of a child, but the fact that a marriage is at stake and the trials that a couple must go through after the death of their child. One must look at the poem as a whole and not just in segments, each piece of the poem represents a part of life. The house is the prison in which they are trapped, with the window the only view of the world. The couple lives within this prison, yet Amy wishes to escape. The husband wants to abandon the notion that the house is a prison and work on their marriage. If they are able to work out their problems, they the house will become a home again, and not a place of imprisonment.
battle of the genders
Added by: Jo
This poem includes, like many of Frost's other poems, a difference between men and women. In this poem we see Amy being more emotional than her husband who is utilitarian. This pattern often emerges in many of Frost's poems.

Also, this poem was written shortly after the death of Frost's first child, Elliot, in 1900. A friend of Frost said that while Robert dealt with his grief with words, Elenor [Frost's wife] dealt with her grief through silence.

Sad, aint it?

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